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TRENDING PHOTOS: Maymay Entrata looks like a Barbie Doll at ViceCoSaloSalo2020


TRENDING PHOTOS: Wow! Maymay Entrata is a head turner at the Vice Cosmetics Salo Salo 2020 event! The actress/model styled by Team RainXEm looks like a barbie doll!

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PHOTOS: MayWard Fandom donates to Victims of Taal Volcano Eruption

What a beautiful thing to see fans unite for a cause more than just supporting their idols. Loveteam Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber popularly known as “MayWard” from the reality show PBB has gained a huge following with a heart to help the people in need. Maymay and Edward, as being founders of Elm Tree Foundation  themselves have certainly inspired their fans to be a beacon of light for people in darkness.

Different MayWard fan groups have been constantly donating purchased goods to those in need from brands endorsed by their idols and have also set up several feeding programs throughout the past years.

And with the recent Taal Volcano Eruption, we are seeing the groups yet again unite to reach out and help the people affected by the disaster.

See photos shared by fans:

Great job MayWard fans! May other fandoms be inspired by your heart of generosity.